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Creating written music is something that I have had an interest in ever since my first experience with arranging back in high school. At the time, the song "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore was very popular on the radio and I decided to arrange it for my high school's pep band to play at basketball games. I set to work with my saxophone, a pencil, a stack of staff paper, and my iPod on repeat transcribing melodies and rhythms until finally I had a completed project! It was a big moment in my musical journey to hear the Union High School pep band premier my arrangement of "Can't Hold Us" for public consumption at a basketball game! This moment has led me down a path that brings me happiness and enjoyment to this day and, while I don't always have the time to fit composition and arranging into my schedule, I do try to find time when I can to write and arrange works for myself and others! Visit my List of Works page to find information on my most recent works and arrangements.

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