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Initially, performing as a soloist was a pretty big stressor for me! As I worked through my undergraduate degree, I grew to love solo performance just as much as I love ensemble performance thanks to the encouragement and support of spectacular mentors and peers. Nowadays, I see performance as both a creative outlet and welcome challenge. I still experience a bit of performance anxiety, but the feeling of presenting well-prepared music to an audience far outweighs the trepidation!

     I currently hold three degrees in saxophone performance: the Performer's Certificate (SBU '19), MM in Saxophone Performance (MSU '21), and DMA in Saxophone Performance (UNT '24).


I greatly enjoy performing with others, especially in ensemble settings. My ensemble experiences include saxophone duets, quartets, and sextets as well as mixed chamber ensembles, big bands, and wind bands. Some of my fondest musical memories are attached to these various ensembles! Collaborating with groups of talented musicians is incredibly fulfilling and brings me great joy.

     I am honored to say that I am an alumnus of the premier wind bands at all three universities I have attended: the SBU Wind Symphony, MSU Wind Ensemble, and UNT Wind Symphony. I have also had the pleasure of performing with the top jazz ensembles at SBU and MSU.

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If you'd like to view or listen to some of my past performances, feel free to check out my YouTube channel! I post solo and quartet recordings as well as videos of my compositions.

     To hear some large ensembles I have performed with, check out these videos:              - Sinfonietta by Ingolf Dahl (UNT Wind Symphony)

        - Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger (UNT Wind Symphony)

        - Come Sunday by Omar Thomas (MSU Wind Ensemble)

        - Overture to Candide by Leonard Bernstein, arr. Grundman (MSU)


For those interested in equipment, here are the setups I currently use:

- Soprano: Yamaha 875 Custom-EX, Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece, stock Yamaha ligature, Vandoren Java green box 4 strength reeds

- Alto: Selmer Series II, Selmer S80 C** mouthpiece, Vandoren Masters ligature, Vandoren blue box 3 strength reeds

- Tenor: 1970s King Cleveland, Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece, standard two-screw ligature, Vandoren blue box 3 strength reeds

- Baritone: Vandoren Optimum 731 BL3 mouthpiece, Vandoren Optimum ligature, Vandoren blue box 3/3.5 strength reeds

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