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Music Education

Ever since I was chosen as a section leader for my high school's marching band, my passion for helping musicians become the best version of themselves has grown stronger and stronger. From working with a 5-12 band program to directing a university pep band to teaching private bassoon lessons to an elderly gentleman who could no longer hold his baritone saxophone, my experiences with music education have been varied and fruitful.

     I believe that there are several key questions to consider when teaching music students of any age: What are their goals in music? Where are they at currently in their musical journey? and How can I help them move closer to achieving their goals? I like to work with my private saxophone students on standard classical saxophone repertoire, but I also like to help familiarize them with the basics of jazz style. Pop music appears in a lot of my saxophone lessons as well, as I think it's valuable for students to be able to play the music they love and listen to regularly! Music students are diverse and they music we study in lessons should reflect that! If you're looking for lessons for yourself or your student, contact me here!


     In group settings, I put an emphasis on hard work, accountability, and honesty. In an ensemble setting, it is important that each member (including the director) be prepared for each rehearsal and performance. If anyone isn't prepared, they should hold themselves accountable to the group and be honest in their shortcomings so that the ensemble can work to assist them!

     For an extensive look at my credentials and teaching experience feel free to email me and I'll send you a copy of my resume. For a brief overview, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Geneva, a former student, said...

"Lessons always felt like a safe space with no judgement. I always knew Dylan was helping me get better every lesson."

Private Lessons

I currently offer private lessons in-person (for students in the Denton, TX area) and online. I have experience teaching students aged 7-90 on saxophone, clarinet, and bassoon.

A typical private lesson consists of scale studies, etude studies, study of classical solo repertoire, discussions on music theory and composition, listening activities and assignments, study of extended and non-traditional techniques (altissimo, slap-tongue, multiple tonguing, etc.), discussion of assigned readings, sightreading music, and duet reading. Lessons are tailored to suit the needs and interests of each individual student -- I am always working to help the student achieve their goals!

Group Teaching

I offer masterclasses/clinics in-person for saxophone studios and sections. Masterclasses and clinics are typically centered around solo literature or a specific technique for saxophone studios or around musicality and ensemble (for saxophone sections, especially marching band sections).

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